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Marianna Sukhorskaya
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Приглашаю на закрытую встречу для избранных 3 Марта, 12:00
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Marianna Sukhorskaya
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mindsucces club
start growth in a high environment
A community for the most luxurious, intelligent and self-confident girls. Here you can discover new facets, be filled with positive energy, grow and develop.
Together we will create our successful future
about club
You will find a real circle of like-minded women
Experts will pump practices and knowledge
You will get a motivating environment for growth
You will learn to live an even more luxurious life
Change your life and yourself for the better
You will be filled with energy for every day
You will find strong support and prop
You'll start getting the best out of it
if in search of new meanings
for whom
There is a request in a strong environment that inspires and helps to reach a new level of life
There is an inner need for intellectual growth and mental evolution
When you are ready to completely change your vector of thinking
Do you want to learn how to control thoughts, feelings, emotions and live a full life
manifest yourself in the right high, positive and bright environment
Fill your life with people who will support you, who will become an example and a standard of admiration, wisdom and success for you. Surround yourself with people who are thinking, realizing their plans, confident in themselves, living in pleasure and getting their own.
25 000 rub
3 month
What does a club participant get
Closed chat with the ability to communicate and ask questions both to me and to all participants
Two events per month in the most luxurious venues of the city of St. Petersburg
The cost of entry
You will be a member of a group for personal growth and will have access to all the tools
3 month
25 000 rub
Monthly private Zoom meetings exclusively for club residents
6 month
45 000 rub
For 5 years creating a strong and resourceful environment
“80% of success is your environment! Who you have gathered around you is what you will realize in your life.”
Marianna Sukhorskaya
The smartest, wealthiest, most luxurious girls
Unforgettable events were organized
Creating a vibrant, powerful environment and community
Presentations at meetings of the best experts in their niches
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immerse in the life of the club
Do you have any questions? I'll try to answer them.
Contact with me
Write to me in messengers, I will answer you within a day
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I will answer all the remaining questions in a FREE 30-minute online session
Marianna Sukhorskaya
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