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Marianna Sukhorskaya
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Marianna Sukhorskaya
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intellect coach
I help girls unlock their inner potential, free themselves from negative attitudes, fill themselves with creative energy, and become queens of their lives.
let's make a meditation recording for ourselves
gift for you
This is a powerful tool that will help you reduce stress levels, get rid of anxiety, fill yourself with creative energy, and tune in for a productive day or prepare your body and mind for deep rest.
The right environment for a successful life
Your result
You will feel inner strength, support in your environment, and be able to confidently move forward
radical changes
Building a quality environment is an important task for an active person. It's a high-speed elevator for rapid personal growth. Get inspired, stay motivated, and develop yourself together with me!
You will form the right worldview and feel how the level of your life changes.
New resourceful state
You will be able to feel at home, be happier, and fill your life with meaning.
Fulfillment of life
Everyone should find their purpose
My mission
Many, sooner or later, ask themselves the question 'What is the meaning of my life?' I call this purpose my MISSION. My mission is to create a creative, interesting, and healthy community of women.

To create a friendly and comfortable space where girls can develop intellectually, communicate, share knowledge and experience, talk about their tasks and successes, grow and develop in a high-level environment.

family values and sports for life
Personal life
I grew up in a large and friendly family with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Therefore, family values ​​have always been of great importance. My husband and I have been together for over 15 years and we are raising our son in absolute love and understanding.

I am also a professional athlete, and currently I am involved in 12 different sports in my life. I dedicate 6 to 14 hours to sports every week, and for the past 5 years I have been in love with tennis. It fills me up and gives me a feeling that I am living, not just existing.

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You are going through a personal crisis and seeking new meaning in life. You lack self-confidence.
You are striving to find a balance between professional development and personal life.
You need inner motivation, strength, and courage to move forward.
You want to learn how to manage your emotional state and change your habitual reactions
You can express yourself, your feelings, and emotions freely and safely.
Deep involvement and a strong commitment to achieving success through thorough work.
Each person is unique and every situation is considered on an individual basis.
Respectful attitude towards you, your inner problems and emotions.
working approach
Only the right values and an eco-friendly approach
publish and speak in popular media outlets
Publications in mass media
Человеческий мозг способен учиться на протяжении всей жизни
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Marianna Sukhorskaya
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